Am I in love?

Love? It's easy to say but difficult to know and feel. In dilemma, whether you love your partner or not? Don't be, it's time to know what is it actually!

Am I in love test:

Still, wondering if you love him/her? How much you are close to them. the time you spend with them and also how fun it is to be around them. All of this matters a lot and tells you about your feeling for that person, it's time to clear all those thoughts and come out empty and free headed.

Am in love quiz:

Answer these straightforward questions about how you feel towards your partner to know if you love him/her or not? If no, why? and If yes, what is the intensity? So, what are you waiting for?

You are a romantic

Falling for them, you're deeply into them. You look forward to your meetings, their presence, and the love around you. You're ready to keep yourselves above everything.

So in love!

You are totally in love with them. There's no way back, with those deep feelings and exquisite love, you're not ready to leave them no matter how much it hurts at times. 

I like him a lot!

You're more in the liking phase, attracted to their physical appearance and slowly starting to feel for them. If this continues, it'll be one of the most beautiful relationships you'll ever be in!

Hopeless Romantic

You're not that interested and romantic with whom you are. Parting ways or growing more, the two options are still available for you.