Do I love him quiz?

It's love or something else? Is he really the love of your life, the first one maybe? Know it by answering some simple questions!

Am I in love?

Confused that you love him or not? What is love in actual meaning? Do you know that, cause most people don't, we interpret attraction and addiction as love or even infatuation? But you know love is something which makes you do anything for the person without any expectations of getting something in return, you are ready to give in all to him and sacrifice things on your end? That is love.

Do I love him quiz:

Maybe it's true that you love him, maybe it's not. Wanna know the truth? Try this amazing quiz, by answering these 10 simple questions, you'll get to know what you actually feel. Stay True to yourself!

So in love!

You had to be here, it's all him for you as of now. If you both share the same feelings, it's gonna work out well!

So in love that it hurts!

Yes, you are totally and completely in love with him. You've found the ever-lasting man of your life, hold on to him, you will not be able to let him go!

You like him!

Not in love yet, but definitely you'll land there if things work out well for a time. You care about him and like him pretty much.

Uh-oh, you may not even like him!

Go through what you're feeling again, it's just infatuation or attraction, that will fade with time. He's not the man of your life, move ahead!