Naughty or Nice Quiz

What do your thinking and activities actually reveal about you? You're on the good or the naughty list, know it now by answering these interesting questions.

Naughty or Nice Quiz:

Even the smallest of things you do and like tells a lot about you! You may or may not think likewise, with this statement but it's true! There are two lists of Santa, remember? The nice and the naughty one, so where do you think you lie?

Nice or Naughty Quiz Questions:

Answer these simple and interesting questions about yourself with honesty to know you're actually nice at all times or naughty?


You come to a nice list of things and human beings. You have pure and positive affirmations and thoughts about things! God is always happy for you.


Ooh! You're full of all things spice and nice. You always have mischief on your mind and bring chaos (nice or a bad one) wherever you go! Either people or you yourself remain mad at yourself!