Signs Your Marriage Is Over

You both are falling apart and there's no reason left to make things right again. How do you actually know if things are not working right or it's just you overthinking? Take this quiz to get your answer.

Marriage Quiz:

Two people meant to spend their forever together till their last breath. Things should work out anyway or a couple tries their best to be together. But what if nothing is working out? The troubles have started piling up and there's no end to it, neither can you find a solution for them now?

Signs Your Marriage Is Over?

Take this quiz to know what is left in your marriage and whatnot. It's all really complicated for you, isn't it? Take the quiz to face the reality of your situation. 

It's Over

There's no hope left for you two. You both have made up your mind and nothing can change this stubbornness in you both now. If you wanna stay happy and lead your life, you should get on your own ways.

You both are doing fine

Things may take a good turn, you should work towards each other. Listen, communicate, show small gestures and shower some extra love, all of this will help you both hold each other for longer and make things right!

You feel lonely and isolated

You are alone, not getting the support of your partner as much as you should. It totally depends on you now, cause you have both the things in your hands- To mend or to break. Choose your happiness over everything or your loved one over your happiness, it's totally your choice, and choosing one between the two is not wrong!

Things are not that worse

Show sweet gestures, like writing notes to each other, pinging when not together, loving each other, and spending time together. All of this will make things come back on track!