What Do I Want For My Birthday?

Confused about what you really want for your birthday? Take this interesting quiz to get a hint!

What I Want For My Birthday List:

You have a lot of things on your mind to ask on your birthday, don't you? But what is it that you really want? Prepare a list and then shortlist the item or take this quiz to know what you want according to your preferences.

What Do I Want For My Birthday?

Stop Thinking! Take this fun quiz to get the best results, by telling what you really like, need, and want! Choose the most accurate or the closest answer to the questions.

A bike or a Car

Unless you have money of your own or you have a wealthy relative or parents, it's difficult to get a car. Go on, ask for a bike and start saving for your dream car!


More into shopping and buying something for yourself you like to keep your wardrobe up to date and are a Fashionista!

A Camera

You like living in the moment and capturing them for later, to cherish. You're really into photography too! Go get a camera for yourself and do what you actually like!

Pile of books and a leather journal

You are fond of reading and writing, so your favorite series of novel and a beautiful and exquisite leather journal, is what you'll love as a gift. Ask your parents or friends to get you these things!